What is Staking? How To Earn Doing It?

Staking is a very known term in the cryptocurrency world. Simply the meaning of staking is holding or locking certain cryptocurrency in your wallet for a specific period and for doing that, you will get x% of rewards.

Types of Staking

There are two common types of staking we usually see in the crypto platform.

  • Flexible Staking
  • Non-Flexible Staking

Flexible staking means you can claim your stake amount or unlock your stake amount anytime you want to. There will be no time limit or even no cancellation fee. While non-flexible staking means, you can’t unlock or claim your stake amount before the stake period end and if you want to do then x% of the cancellation fee will be applied.

Staking in BazadeCrypto

We offer non-flexible but short-period staking in our platform which starts from even 1 day time of locking. In our platform, you can start staking with a minimum amount of 0.50 USD.

How To Start Staking in BazadeCrypto?

  • Create an account in bazadecrypto
  • Verify your email
  • Go to Deposit on Stake Page from the menu Staking dropdown
  • You can deposit via FaucetPay and the minimum amount you can deposit is 0.10 USDT. But keep in mind that, our staking package started from 0.50 USD
  • While you are depositing from faucet pay, whatever currency you want to use to deposit u can, but our platform will count your deposit in USD.
  • After the deposit is done, the amount will be credited to your Staking Balance.
  • Next, you can buy a staking package from the Staking page where you will be able to see all available staking packages. Provide the amount which you want to stake on any package which you love and click on the button Start Staking.
  • That’s it. Your staking interest will be shared after 24 hours of your staking automatically which will be added to your Staking Balance.
  • You can claim your stake amount after the period ends from the Staking page as well.
  • To withdraw from your Staking Balance, go to Withdraw from Staking and provide your faucet pay email or USDT address as all withdrawals will proceed in USDT.

How do We Calculate and Share the Stake Amount?

It’s like all other staking platforms, we followed the main theory of staking interest-sharing calculation.

It is, total staking amount * (total staking interest / (365 * 100)) means, every day our system calculates the total staked amount at that time and then multiplies it with the daily total interest percentage.

That’s all for today. Thank you.


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