Crypto faucet

First bitcoin faucet was created in 2010 by Gavin Andresen, the faucet was paying 5 bitcoins in exchange by doing simple task, at that time bitcoins was worth very less under 0.01$.

They are part of the cryptocurrency history as they helped get crypto into more people’s hands, olso many people are using crypto faucets, there are crypto faucets with over 51,000,000 registered users like freebitcoin

Spending some of your time on a crypto faucet it brings your more close to the crypto community, you can still earn some $$$ by doing some tasks, you may join bazadecrypto very friendly and fast growing crypto faucet, you may earn over 100 diffrent coins, invite your friends too the faucets it brings you a 20% referral commission, you may read our posts about Bazadecrypto to learn more about how it works

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