Top 2 Meme Coin To Watch in May 2023

All of a sudden after PEPE Coin’s crazy growth, after a long time, meme coins are again in trend. There are a lot of meme coins currently available in the market but among them, few are really promising and looks like a very strong move is possible. Today we are going to share the top two meme coins. You should really focus on May whether you invest or not but must check their progress. Remember, this is not any financial advice, dyor before investing.

Top 2 Meme Coin To Watch

  1. ArbDoge AI (AIDOGE)
  2. PEPE Coin

ArbDoge AI

Some analysts saying although it’s not possible for SHIBA Inu to hit 1 cent but AIDOGE might be. But still I don’t think so. It’s like a crazy crypto millionaire dream with 2 digits of investment. However, this kind of comment already proves the craziness of people on this coin right now and also the price growth possibility. From while I writing this blog post, last few days, I analysis the AIDOGE market move and find it’s pretty stable growth and in MEXC exchange, their trade volume of a day is always around top 3-4 coin. I think that is pretty crazy. So the last word from me about AIDOGE right now is, this might never hit 1 cent but a crazy price growth is possible even if it seems like it will happen. That’s why I decided to have my eye on it for next 1 month, May 2023.


Already provides a huge return to its investor. However, the trend is not old. I think the ups and downs of this coin may continue for the next one month or so. Another thing, those who do some short period trading, might find this coin bit interesting. I analyzed the pepe market for 3 days. What I find is the entry point will be $0.0000002065 and exit from $0.0000002665 to $0.0000003665 or more. Every 24-48 hour time period, it has ups and downs like this.

Price While Writing This Post

AIDOGE – 0.00000000040 (At 24 hour high)

PEPE – 0.0000003349 (Already at pick point after 48 hours of struggle.)

Another Meme coin you may check is SHIBAI at mexc exchange.

That’s all for today. Please do your own research before investing. We are not any financial advisors, all we shared is our personal opinion. Thank you.

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