OG Fan Token – Most Volatile Crypto of April 2023

OG Fan Token shows us a significant movement over the past few days (till now as well while writing this post). 30 days ago OG Fan Token was at $2.4254 and when I am writing this post, it is at $14.68 which is approximately 506.61% growth. Not only that. According to binance trading data, you will see a crazy move of price up and down of OG all over the time now. Daily like from 14 to simply drop to 11, 9 USDT/BUSD again jump back to 12/14/16 and reach the highest pick of the day for 24 hours. Although there continues ups and downs, still daily it reached it’s 24 hour highest pick of the price.

Is It Safe To Invest or Buy OG For Long Term Investment?

While one crypto market stands out as volatile, it is not safe to invest for long term profit. You can take risk for a few short term gameplay but hey it’s still risky to invest while the market moves such way. There are huge chances that you lose a few percent of investment in a few minutes or it can also happen the other way. Better to avoid any crypto on such conditions but you know to gain profit, you have to take risks. Although it is not financial advice. Please discuss in depth with your advisor before stepping in to any decision. All the things share into this post is just our personal opinion white researching the market, not financial advice at all.

Some Data of Volatile OG

Price Per OG – $14.66

Market Cap – $56,569,417

All Time High of OG – $23.10

All Time Low of OG – $1.1647

Tradeable at Binance in – BUSD, USDT, BTC

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