How To Earn Unlimited Crypto From BazadeCrypto Lottery

BazadeCrypto provides you all the best possible ways of earning free crypto currency and getting paid using almost 100+ different coins. One of their cool features of earning crypto is Lottery. Today in this post we will discuss in depth how you can earn via the BazadeCrypto lottery.

How Lottery Work in BazadeCrypto?


Users can buy lottery tickets using their account money from the lottery page, there are also ways of getting free lottery daily. How? Simply login to your account daily will provide you up to 20 free lottery tickets. After you get lottery tickets, you don’t need to do anything. Just wait for the lottery draw which currently happens every 10 days now. After 10 days, a lottery draw will happen automatically and the lucky winner will get the reward credited to his account automatically. Below I attached a picture of the last round lottery winner who won 2755760 tokens which is approximately 27.5 USD worth of crypto. I think you already get the idea of how much you can earn from our lottery even without any work!

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How To Create More Chance To Win The Lottery?

It’s actually based on luck. No one knows which ticket will win the prize. All you can do is, login daily for 10 days straight which will automatically add a minimum of 100 lottery ticket for you as a bonus. You can also buy a few tickets. The more lottery you hold the maximum chance increases for you to win it because you have more tickets which means more chances.

Lottery Winner Won $27.5 USD
Lottery Winner Won $27.5 USD

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