How To Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase

Do you know, one of the most secured and trusted crypto wallet is Coinbase? While writing this blog post, Coinbase has more than 100 Million+ verified users. Coinbase almost supports all major crypto currency and tokens. It’s very easy to use and very secure to store your crypto. But there should be a question, “How can I earn free crypto and get paid in Coinbase?” Today we will discuss that deeply in this post.

Way of Earning Free Crypto with Coinbase

If you want to earn free crypto and easily get paid in Coinbase, then just follow these easy steps-

  1. Go to our website Bazadecrypto (click here) and simply create an account
  2. Follow our these post (click here) to start earning free coin in our website
  3. After you earn few free coin or token, you go to our withdraw page under finance menu
  4. Choose Coinbase
  5. We support 21+ coinbase tokens or coins for your withdrawal. Click on the coin in which you want to get paid, you will see your earned token to coinbase selected coin/token conversion rate just below.
  6. Provide your coinbase email address in the Wallet Address field. Remember, it’s important to provide a coinbase email address (the email which you used to create your coinbase account), we only pay you via email in coinbase.
  7. Lastly, wait a few hours, our admin will approve it as soon as he checks.
  8. Payment will arrive to your coinbase wallet easily without any fee.

Why Coinbase?

There are multiple reasons why you must choose coinbase. Few mentioned below

  1. 100% trusted and secure wallet
  2. No fees while withdraw from our site
  3. Easy to trade in coinbase between currency
  4. Easy to use or withdraw your stored currency anytime you want to.

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