How To Earn Free Crypto With BazadeCrypto Weekly Leaderboard?

BazadeCrypto is a free cryptocurrency earning website where you can earn bitcoin and 100 more different cryptocurrencies without any investment, just by doing simple tasks. In BazadeCrypto, there’s an option called Weekly Leaderboard which you can find in the earn menu named as a leaderboard. Today in this post, we will discuss in detail how you can earn free bitcoin using the BazadeCrypto weekly leaderboard.

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What is Weekly Leaderboard?

Weekly leaderboards work like a contest in gameplay. In gameplay, we see there is a standing going on based on how many points a player has or in which level he currently is. Similarly in BazadeCrypto, we count user standings on various categories-

  1. Level
  2. Activity
  3. Faucet
  4. Referral
  5. Shortlinks
  6. Offerwall
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Now the standing in each category depends on the highest level achiever in a week in Level, highest Exp gainer in a week on Activity, highest faucet claimer in a week on Faucet, highest referred users in a week on Referral, highest short link visit in a week on Shortlink and highest offer completed by a user in a week on Offerwall. We show the list of the top 15 users in each category where everyone gets a reward based on his/her standing from 1 to 15 (1 gets the highest reward and 15 the lowest).

This leaderboard automatically resets every 7 days and shares the reward with the users.

How You Also Can Earn From It?

Simply join us on BazadeCrypto and do our all activities as much as possible and try to be in the top 15 in our Leaderboard Category Standings. That’s it.

That’s all for today.

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