How To Earn Free Bitcoin in BazadeCrypto

Bazadecrypto is a completely new free bitcoin earning site. You can not only earn bitcoin there, you can earn almost above 100+ cryptocurrency without any investment.

How To Earn Free Bitcoin in BazadeCrypto?

Earn Free Bitcoin From BazadeCrypto

You have to follow the below steps to start earning. Steps are-

  1. First of all, go to the official website by clicking here and create an account
  2. Second, open your email inbox which you used to create an account. You will find a verification email from bazadecrypto. If you not find it inbox, please also check spam or promotion tab, sometimes it appear there and if you still not find it, wait for few minutes and login to your bazadecrypto dashboard, there at top of your dashboard page, you will able to request send verify email again. 
  3. After you verify your email, now you can start earning from all the options we are offering to you.
  4. Click on Earn, one dropdown menu will appear. Then click on the faucet. In faucet, daily you can claim free token 100 times in a day just by solving one simple captcha and antibot.
  5. After claiming from the faucet, while the countdown timer goes on in the faucet, explore other earning options we have. 
  • Shortlink: In this page, you will find all of our listed shortlink, you can visit them daily to earn a token. We try to list all possible easy shortlink out in the market with the highest reward.
  • PTC: Basically all you do here is visit a webpage for a specific time like 15-60 seconds or maybe more.
  • Task: In this page, you get some custom tasks for you placed by us. Read the task details and complete it accordingly to get a reward. Please remember, in a task, you do not get rewarded instantly. Our admin verifies your task proof submission and then rewards you. It will take more or less 24-48 hours.
  • Autofaucet: To claim from the auto faucet, you will have to visit shortlink to earn energy. With that energy, autofaucet will claim a free token for you. For that, you don’t have to do anything. All you need is, keep that page open in your browser.
  • Achievements: We listed some level of achievements on this page. All you do is, complete them to claim your achievement rewards. It is reset daily, meaning you can earn from this option on a daily basis.
  • Leaderboard: This is all about the most active user. Based on activity on each task we have, the highest active user on each task will get a reward in a week. It reset weekly.
  • Referral: You can refer as many friends as you want which will give you 20% reward from what your referral earned.

Not only that, we have many more options including crypto games, staking and more which we will discuss further in our next post.

After you earn a 10000 token, you can request for a withdrawal using your faucetpay, coinbase or direct crypto addresses which are supported by us. You can find our all supported coin list in our withdraw page.

That’s all for today. In our next post, we will discuss in depth how all our crypto games really worked. Thank you. Enjoy earning free crypto with us.


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