How To Buy New Crypto Token First At Discounted Rate?

It is always great to get a chance to buy any good new token on base/starter price which easily helps anyone to make 2x-200x of his/her investment in a short period of time. Because after any token release into any CEX, it always gains 300-5000 percent at starting day. So if you are able to buy any token first, it is always a good investment for you or you can say almost risk free investment. But how to get information of any new great potential token? Where to get information? Today we will discuss them in this post.

How To Get New Token Information

There several way you can follow but for me I used to check via

  1. CEX’s community and through their announcement
  2. New token alert provider social media/ website
  3. CEX’s launchpad

You know a ton of new crypto born daily but all will never perform as great as you expect. That’s why I try to follow Binance and some good crypto CEX. Because they only announce the coin which they will support or list and their listing means already a price growth at least for starting days. I also do follow some good twitter crypto profiles which provide good information about new upcoming tokens. Remember, twitter is a great source of crypto related information.

CEX Launchpad may be a good source of finding new tokens but unfortunately only if you have a great amount saved in your wallet then you will be eligible for buying that token. So if you have a great crypto profile of 10-20k then it will be the best option for you without any doubt.

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