FaucetPay – How It Works? Get Instant Free Cryptocurrency

  1. Today we will discuss FaucetPay. We will know how it works, how to get paid instant free bitcoin and 14 other cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, we will know how to use FaucetPay in BazadeCrypto to get instant free bitcoin.

What is FaucetPay?

FaucetPay is a micro wallet which generally used to get paid from crypto currency reward earning site. Reward earning site owner use FaucetPay as a payment option on their website and user after earning reward on each site use their faucetpay wallet address or email to request payment to get paid without any hussle.

Steps To Use FaucetPay and Get Paid Instantly in Cryptos-

  1. First go to FaucetPay official website by clicking here
  2. Create an account
  3. Login to your account

Now in faucetpay, from any reward earning site, you can get paid in two ways-

  1. Using your linked address – After creating your account, log in to your account and then click on your profile icon. After that choose the linked address from the dropdown and then from any other crypto wallet you use, copy your deposit address for any crypto (like for BTC, LTC, ETH, etc) and then paste that on the form, choose the same coin and click on Link button and done. Later if you want to get paid from a reward-earning site to your faucet pay account, use that same address that you just linked.
  2. Using your email address (which you used to create account)

How to Use FaucetPay in BazadeCrypto?

For bringing simplicity in withdrawal for the user, we support all 15 currencies available in faucet pay as withdraw method in BazadeCrypto.

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After earning a few coins doing various tasks in BazadeCrypto, go to our withdrawal page, select faucet pay, and then select the currency in which you want to get paid. Provide your faucet pay email or wallet address and request for the withdrawal.

Done. Our admin will check your request and approve it and you will get paid without any charge.





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