EDU (Open Campus Token) Next Big Thing In Crypto?

EDU is the native token of Open Campus which is a decentralized educational protocol that helps communities and educators to create and share tokenized educational content. EDU just launched 1 Day ago while writing this post via Binance Launchpad. On the very first day of trading, it crossed $1.67 per token price which is actually expected because of the potential of this token and the partner Binance. If you want to know in detail about Open Campus and Where it will be used, I recommend you to go here.

Open Campus EDU TOKEN PRICE Prediction

Is EDU The Next Big Thing in Crypto

Ok, come to the main point of today’s post. If you think outside of the profit box and just focus on the target of the platform and where the coin will be used, surely without any doubt, it is by far the best thing created in crypto. Open campus will bring light to online education in a decentralized way which is very very necessary. Not only that, crypto, blockchain, decentralization, nfts overall crypto world education is very very important nowadays as the world is moving that way.  So if we just think of the project necessity, surely it is the big thing in crypto.

From price rising, ROI etc actually different scenarios. While EDU started, it already gave the market a huge flow on its very first day. But the scenario may be different after a few days or so. For last few days, market gets some pretty good coin (for long term I don’t know but surely for short term they made their investor big filled with $$$) like – Pepe, SHIBAI, AIDOGE, REKT, AICODE every of these coin perform really well. When these coins are performing EDU enters the market. Let’s see what happened. We expect something good as the market is already in a good vibe but who knows!

EDU Expected Price

For me the starting price of EDU was a bit low, however while writing this post, edu stood at $1.470 per token. From my view, I expect it must cross $11.50 per token but in the long run. In the short term, anything can happen.

Should I Invest in EDU?

Listen, that’s completely up to you. I just share my personal opinion here. It’s neither or nor financial advice. Do your own research before investing and also do not invest the amount which you can’t afford to lose!



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