Crypto Trading Scam To Avoid

Without proper knowledge, making profit won’t be possible if you are not so lucky from crypto trading. There are several things you need to ignore in order to create your strong profit move. Today in this post we are going to share a few important things you need to avoid in order to mark yourself safe while trading crypto!

Number One – Avoid Low Class Exchange or Trading Platform

Always try to trade on a platform which feels safe and also try to check these factors as well- last listed cryptos, total daily trading volume etc. Last listed cryptos – for me I think this is most important to check. Exchanges like Binance always ignore to list shitcoins and some exchanges list almost everything because they just need money. So check first when they added their last crypto. In good exchanges, you might find they list very few coins in a short period and the situation is completely different for bad exchanges, they almost list new coins every two-three hours.

Number Two – Avoid Gainer List on Trading Platform

If you want to do trade for long term profit then must avoid gainer list on trading platforms. Because these lists are full of greed. It will mostly help you to make the wrong decision and invest in the wrong coin. Why? Suppose one x coin already gained 1205% in the last 24 hours. What do you think? You can make profit if you invest on that now? In 99% cases, you can’t. Result will be a big loss as well. And in exchange, it works like a scam list because all new coins easily get their spot here. Just listed coins easily hit 100x% in a few hours. So avoid this if you really are not in a hurry! Always do proper research on a coin, check weekly monthly stats then make decisions.

Number Three – 100x Signal Group in Telegram

Do not just rely on a telegram group signal before investing your money. Sometimes scammers or groups of traders use these groups to volatile the market.

Number Four – AI Trading Bot

There are a good number of different trading bot available online for trading but in most cases, they are run by a scammer or group of scammers. So DYOR properly to avoid scam.

There are many more but that’s all for today. Later in future post, we will discuss


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