BazadeCrypto Unlocked New Features – More Free Cryptos

Today BazadeCrypto introduce two new feature-

  1. Mad Faucet
  2. Staking But This Time Using Your Account Balance

What is Mad Faucet?

The Mad faucet is different from the usual faucet. It has less time waiting than normal faucet and you can also claim more time besides normal faucet. However, the reward in Mad Faucet is less than normal faucet. BazadeCrypto today unlocked this mad faucet feature so that you will be able to claim more beside what you are claiming from all other features. For now, in BazadeCrypto, you can claim every 10 seconds from Mad Faucet and daily you will be able to claim 100 times at press time. So more earning, less waiting. You can find mad faucets from the Earn dropdown menu name “Mad Faucet”.

Staking Using Your Account Balance

Previously in BazadeCrypto, you can only stake using the balance which you deposit but now, you can transfer your account balance to stake balance and start staking with us to gain more profit. To transfer your account balance to stake balance, open the Staking dropdown menu and there you will get the option of transferring funds from account balance to stake balance. It’s immediate and takes less than a second to add to your stake balance. You give how many tokens you want to transfer from account balance to stake balance and the system automatically converts that token to USD and adds it to your stake balance. Later you can start staking with that balance.

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BazadeCrypto is always trying to bring the best features for you to earn crypto with us. Join us right now to start earning free crypto.

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Thank you so much for reading this post. See you in the next post. Happy earning.


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