Are Fan Tokens The Next Big Thing in the Crypto Industry?

Last several days, we saw a grand gain of some fan tokens, it’s almost like from zero to beyond. For example you can easily check OG Fan Token data for the last few days. You will easily see the crazy but consistent growth of it. Not only OG, we saw major moves from almost all popular fan tokens in the last two weeks. So are these the next big things to keep your eyes on while investing in crypto or growing your asset with crypto? Let’s find that out.

What is Fan Token?

First of all, we need to understand what a fan token is. Fan token is a digital crypto asset each of which represents any specific sports team, individual player or athlete or even a sports club. Suppose, you are a PSG fan. So there is a fan token called Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) in which you can invest or buy or hold whatever as you are a fan of them. As you buy their token, they often will provide you exclusive access or experience or reward. It’s a way of engaging with fans but in a beneficial way for both.

As of now, I think it’s already clear to you, why fan tokens gain popularity so easily? Simple, no rocket science here! Fan tokens are created by those who already have a giant fan base or supporter. So it’s really easy to do marketing and spread it out to the community.


So Are Fan Tokens The Next Big Things?

I think yes. Because-

  1. Big number of audience already know who behind the token
  2. It represent real people or group of people or a brand
  3. No trust issue just at all.
  4. Also by buying fan token, you get x% of digital ownership of your favorite team or league which always satisfy inner you

So we can easily say, this category of token will grow big today or tomorrow or day by day. Although it is not any financial advice but you should keep your eyes on the fan token of your favorite team and at least see how it is performing.

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