AI Coin Vs Meme Coin – Which Doing Best Currently?

Crypto markets are going through lots of fluctuations these days. Last 2 to 3 weeks, there have been some great roi coins launched in different cex’s and most of them in the category of either meme coin or AI coin. Without a doubt, the current world is full of the AI era but in the crypto world (which is surely different) right now, not only AI but also meme coins are in talk. Although it’s not new that meme coins have become the top trend of crypto, nowadays it’s growing more and more. Today in this post, we will compare AI coin and Meme coin from different perspectives to understand which one will be the best choice for you to invest currently. 

AI Coin

AI tools are growing day by day. Almost one or two new Ai tools come daily and at the same time, based on those tools, developers bring a crypto token which helps them in many ways. Number one is providing them necessary funds to continue working and improving the project and number two is growing the community with a massive crypto industry.

Meme Coin

Meme coins basically have no meaning. It’s all about fun. But fun has become a fact in crypto since dogecoin growth then SHIBA INU and many more and these days the king PEPE coin, which is not stopping. Eating his zero almost everyday. Meme coin is based on any meme character. Because meme characters are already in trend, coins also get in trend easily. Another reason I can’t actually tell is because it’s not explainable.

AI Coin vs Meme Coin

Now come to the main point, in crypto, you can’t actually tell which will be the best because any coin can reach to the moon anytime or just disappear sometime. When it’s time to decide between AI coin and meme coin, for long term investment, I will possibly choose AI coin because it is a great tool for short term quick profit, sometimes huge profit if you are lucky enough then meme coin.

Fun fact is now you can also see some great performing coins which are a combined package of meme coin and AI coin like AIDOGE which really performed so well last one week or so.

So yeah that’s all for today. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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